Grass Wealth Management Philosophy

My name is Charles Grass, Founder and CEO of Grass Wealth Management LLC. Let me start by sharing with you something I learned waiting tables.

A few years (ok, decades) ago, I waited tables at Rosario Resort, during my high school and college years. While I learned much from that work, there is one lesson that stands out.

A co-worker asked me why I did so well on my tips. I thought about it for a moment and said, “I don’t really focus on my tips, I focus on my tables.”

That question made me think about the tips that went into in my pocket during the night. And sure enough, those tips did not add up very well. When I kept my focus on my tables, my ‘pocket’ did just fine, thank you.

The lesson: take care of the table (customer/client) and the tips (earnings) will be just fine.

Our core focus at Grass Wealth Management LLC; take care of the client with what is best for the client. Our commitment to you is not only to strive to help you grow your wealth, but also to prepare for your future.